Everything happens for a reason

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Do you ever find yourself looking back over your life and thinking about all of the important things that have happened to you? Whether they are good and bad…one has to think that the purpose for going through it yields a greater outcome for their future. I’m sure that most will argue one of the two…it was either fate or all in God’s timing.

Regardless of whether it is fate or God’s timing, there is a purpose for it. It was meant to happen in that very second, minute, hour or moment. Oftentimes, we tend to harp on the things that haven’t happened in our lives rather than focusing on what has.

It’s normal to compare your past to your present because it keeps you focused and motivated for the future. I personally strive for my current day to be better than my last and if I was unable to achieve something for that day, then it just wasn’t meant for me to at the time.

In a world where it’s so easy to compare ones’ success and failures, it is easy to look back over things and wonder, “why didn’t this happen to me or for me?” Yet, we fail to realize the positivity that stems from a negative preconception. It hasn’t happened because it’s not “time” for it to.

For example, you’re driving down the road behind Mrs. Beulah Mae…driving 20 mph in a 35 mph speed zone…you’re laying on your horn to speed her up because you have somewhere to be…you’re both approaching a busy intersection and an eighteen-wheeler runs the red light and speeds through the intersection; hitting a pick-up truck head on…had you made the decision to pass Mrs. Beulah or had she made the decision to speed up, it could have been your life or hers being compromised in that accident.

From this example alone, one could easily say that God was slowing them both down in order to avoid what was coming while others could simply say that it was just an unfortunate incident that wouldn’t be persuaded by either ones decision to speed up.

Fate or God’s timing? We can argue about this all day. I personally believe that everything happens within God’s timing. For without “God’s timing” can “fate” actually exist? Speaking from life’s experiences, I can say that God has each and every one of us EXACTLY where’s we are supposed to be in our lives. HE IS VERY INTENTIONAL.

It is said that we are all born with a “book of life”, so how could everything NOT happen for a reason or in God’s timing? Sometimes we just need to sit and think about how much influence our decisions have on our lives and those surrounding us each and every day.

Perhaps we are not given the things that we have prayed for because we are not ready to receive them yet? So, you have not been blessed with that huge house with the white picket fence, that husband or wife, a child, money or a foreign car? It is not your time. Still have not obtained that job making six-figures? Maybe that is not your purpose. Have you still not figured out why you are stuck behind Mrs. Beulah in traffic? Perhaps you need to slow down and enjoy life a little more.

This list of questions could go on and on and we could sit here for hours on end exploring the different outcomes of such scenarios but when it all boils down to it, we are placed here for a special purpose and it is up to us to figure out what it is and the only way that we do that is through God’s timing.

Regardless of what we feel about the way that things happen in our lives, I feel that it is important to understand that nothing happens without a higher being. Although some may serve a different being, one thing that will always remain true is that nothing in our lives happens solely because “we made it happen”…everything in our lives comes with purpose and meaning. Whether we have the understanding of that purpose during that very moment has everything to do with our mindset, Yes, we could say that things happen or do not happen on our acts alone or on the acts of other people but at the end of the day, everything happens through him [God] and by him. It’s not by chance, luck or mishap that we have evolved into who and what we are as of today BUT it is simply God’s intentional plan and purpose for us to be exactly what and where we are.