Greydon Williams

News Reporter and Columnist

If we all know our responsibilities, let’s act like it

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Back in January the Blytheville City Council voted to remove all meeting attendance requirements in order to get paid.

At the time those council members in support of the legislation said that the requirements were unnecessary because they were all adults and knew what they needed to do.

Well, here we are seven months later and guess what? They were wrong.

This month three out of the six Blytheville committees did not meet.

Now, I’m sure those council members who did not come to their meetings have some perfect excuses for why they missed their meetings, but I don’t care to hear them and neither should you.

I need to urge people to pay attention to what their council members do and remember their actions when they come up for re-election.

I also need to urge those that believe that they can make a difference to start stepping up to the plate.

We need confident leaders that want to make a change in Blytheville and if we don’t have that now, we need to get it soon.

Our leaders are not committed and have enacted laws to cushion their attitudes, but we have the power to surpass these decisions by electing someone who will take the necessary time, responsibility and care to do the position as best as can be done.

While the most serial offender when it comes to missing meetings is not currently up for re-election, two years is not a long time and someone needs to decide now to stand up against the status quo.

If our city officials cannot be bothered to come to their meeting, they don’t deserve to hold their positions.

I know that one concerned citizen wished to attend the Parks and Recreation committee meeting this month, but it was not held.

We cannot continue to allow this wheel of the same to continue to spin.

The power to change our situation ultimately falls on our leaders, but the decision on who leads us fall on ourselves.

Whenever we make these decisions, we need to think on them and consider all variables and the two that matter the least are: “they’ve been doing it forever” and “they are a good person.”

We have got to get the right people in these positions and doing that make take some time.

I urge every voter in this city and in any other city to analyze carefully their elected leaders and if you determine them to be inadequate then MAKE A CHANGE!