Letís stop the episodes and make this city better

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wednesday night, I covered the Blytheville Facilities Board meeting for another episode of the fight for the city fields. This particular episode was very similar to a previous one, a fight over the Blytheville Youth Sportsplex and practices.

I understand everyone wants to get better and to get better you have to practice, but if a certain entity is under a contract with the city on being able to have sole possession of the fields from a certain date why cause problems. DO THINGS RIGHT.

Also, I have nothing against Faultline but the BBSB was started to help underprivileged kids or kids that werenít good enough still be able to learn and know the game of baseball. Faultline, however, is the equivalent to me as an AAU basketball team; in other words, you pay to play because you're better than most kids your age. That is identical to an all-star team.

My brother plays on a travel team, Iím not against them. But I know that U-trip or all-star teams arenít for everyone.

In this meeting, Blytheville City Councilwoman Barbra Brothers brought up an instance where her family member was unable to participate with a team that she said was with the BBSB. However, this such instance was a travel team because her family member is the same age division as my brother. Do I believe what took place was right? No, I donít, but this instance happens in every sport, not just baseball. If your dad is the coach or your family is well known usually you get to play. Thatís sport.

BBSB is for every kid and also one of the better things the city has, but if any group of people or even one or two people continue to cause chaos then that too will soon disappear.

With the topic of not having places to practice, there are several fields around this city and community that could be utilized. I know of several that I played on when I was a kid growing up ó ones at Blytheville Middle School, at Ninth Street, Armorel Schools and Gosnell Schools.

The old YMCA is an option as well.

The statement certain fields arenít good enough to practice on is just ridiculous. I understand they may not be in the best of shapes but fix them up. Thatís what my coaches did. If youíre not happy about it fix it with something other than harsh words on a social media site or by spreading rumors that in some cases arenít true.

Another thing that was brought up was this co-ed softball program. I think itís a great idea. Iíd even love to serve on the board and even participate on a team. Thatís something that can help give Blytheville a little bit of life back. Maybe not a lot of life but it is a step in the right direction. Itíll take time and there will be bumps but this city can get past them. We have before but it takes coming together and to stop acting like children.

In John F. Kennedyís Inaugural Address he said, ďMy fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.Ē So citizens of Armorel, Blytheville and Gosnell, if we want to make our community a better place stop looking to people for answers.

Be the answers.

With this meeting, several new places will be getting cleaned up.

Help clean them up if you want to see our community not only be better for our future generations but also now. Letís take pride in this community because Blytheville is our home.