Fifth suspect arrested in deadly Sales Street shooting

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Adam Rocha

Five suspects have been arrested in connection with Monday night’s deadly shooting on Sales Street that led to two men losing their lives.

The fifth suspect, 26-year-old Adam Rocha, was arraigned Wednesday on charges of Murder 1st (1 count), Battery 1st (2 counts), Manslaughter (1 count), Terroristic Act and Engaging in Violent Criminal Group Activity, which is an enhancement to all charges for criminal gangs.

His bond was set at $500,000 in Blytheville District Court.

Randy Rocha

Three other suspects that were at-large were arrested in Butler County, Mo., Tuesday, according to Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson.

Randy Rocha, 22 of Blytheville, Antonio Rocha, 28 of Blytheville and Israel Rocha, 52 of Blytheville are currently in the Butler County Jail awaiting extradition.

Raymond Junearick, 52, was arraigned Tuesday in Blytheville District Court.

Antonio Rocha

At approximately 6 p.m. Tuesday, the Blytheville Police Department with assistance from the Arkansas State Police and Drug Task Force (DTF) executed search warrants on three three residences —126 Dougan, 900 Illinois and 121 Lancaster.

“These search warrants led to the arrest of a 5th suspect in this case,” Thompson said, referring to Adam Rocha. ‘During this time detectives of the Blytheville Police Department also developed information that the other suspects had fled the state to the Popular Bluff, Mo. area. The Blytheville Police Department coordinated their efforts with the Missouri Highway Patrol, Butler County Sheriff’s Department, SEMO DTF and Sikeston Police Department Special Operations Group, who executed a search warrant on an address in their jurisdiction. Their efforts resulted in the arrest of Randy Rocha, Antonio Rocha, and Israel Rocha. They are being held in the Missouri Butler County Jail awaiting extradition back Arkansas.”

All five face the same charges.

Israel Rocha

“While the investigation is ongoing we want to thank the Arkansas State Police, Local DTF, Missouri Highway Patrol, Butler County Sheriff’s Department, SEMO DTF and Sikeston Police Department Special Operations Group and all the concerned citizens that called the Hotline,” Thompson said.

The arrests stem from a shooting on Sales Street around 7 p.m. Monday.

According to Thompson, 35-year-old Antonio Harris-Junearick of Blytheville was hit by a vehicle during the incident and later perished. Later, 22-year-old Alonzo Sanders of Blytheville lost his life as a result of gunshot wounds.

A 15-year-old male and 16-year-old male were also shot in the dispute, which began over a confrontation involving a dog.

According to the court synopsis, the argument started between Raymond Junearick and Alonzo Sanders over a dog not being chained up.

“Junearick retreated and called his brother Antonio Junearick,” the court synopsis reads. “A short time later three vehicles arrived in front of the residence and surveillance video shows Raymond and Antonio come to the front door and what appears to be another argument occurs at the entry of the residence. Both males begin to walk away and Sanders is seen exiting the residence with a small handgun firing several rounds at Raymond and Antonio. Antonio can be seen falling to the ground, then returning fire while laying next to a silver in color sports car, later identified as a Lexus belonging to Antonio. A passenger in the Lexus is captured exiting the vehicle and shooting toward the front of the residence as well. As Antonio is moving to the rear of the car, still laying on the ground, the car goes into reverse and runs over him. The Lexus then pulls forward pulling off of Antonio’s body.”

The report said video shows a grey Ford F150 with two individuals inside; the passenger gets out of the truck and fires at the residence as well.

“The Ford then drives off, but comes around behind the Lexus a few seconds later,” the report said. “Surveillance video captures several individuals, including Raymond Junearick, picking up Antonio’s body off the ground and putting him in the Ford truck.”

Antonio Junearick was pronounced dead at Great River Medical Center. Sanders was pronounced dead at Regional Medical Center in Memphis at 11 p.m. Monday.

Raymond Junearick told detectives that he got into an argument with Sanders over a dog that was not being chained up.

“He said Sanders was threatening to beat him up so he called his brother, Antonio Junearick, who showed up at the residence a short time later with several Hispanic males he knows, who were friends with Antonio. He stated Antonio Rocha and Randy Rocha were in the Ford 150. He stated the old guy, who he thinks is their dad, and another Hispanic male were in the silver Lexus.”

In a photo lineup, Raymond identified Antonio Rocha, Randy Rocha and Israel Rocha as being present during the altercation, the report said.