Voting is your right, so please cast your ballot

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Primary elections will be held very soon and with them come one of the biggest responsibilities we have as citizens of our great country ó voting. Participating in your right to vote gives the opportunity to help make changes in your community, state and country. If youíve ever once complained about management in one of those things, then you should take voting very seriously.

Now, if you arenít currently registered to vote then it will be impossible for you to take part in the primary election later this month; however, it is not too late for general elections in November. No matter what your beliefs, political alignment or social status I encourage you to get registered and start participating. If you are registered then you really donít have an excuse for not voting. Learn about what candidates you believe are best for the job and go out and participate.

Voting is an integral part of our democracy and without it our country would be a tremendously different place to live and it would be worse off. Just in our community we have several important primary offices that are coming up: county judge, sheriff, two JP offices.

The people who win these elections could shape our county for the foreseeable future. It is important to go out with all information that you can and participate. The best thing about voting is when it comes down to it; itís your decision. No matter what youíve been told from announcements to election day, ultimately it comes down to who you think is best for the job.

Though we do have some bigger primary elections coming up, i.e. governor, I believe that the elections that are going to most effect people are the local and county elections. If you look at our election edition stories you can see what every candidate for the major county offices wants you to know about them. The information they give is a great way to learn where they stand and what they believe in.

As I said if you arenít registered to vote yet, donít wait. Go and register and participate in the general election. I believe that if more people voted in this community, things would be entirely different from how they are currently. Active voters stimulate active politicians. The more challenging a potential politician believes it will be to get votes the harder they will try to please the voters and that is what you want. People are in these offices to serve the constituents. It isnít about them, itís about us.

Every vote counts in these local elections. It can sometimes comes down to a handful of votes on who wins the office or in this case the primary.

Donít ever think that your vote doesnít matter, every vote matters. It doesnít matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or undecided; if you donít vote then you are ignoring your duties as a citizen of our great country. Only through our actions can we hope to be a part of shaping the future.

Early voting begins Monday, May 7 and Election Day is Tuesday May 22.

Please do your civic duty and go to the polls.