Armorel, Gosnell, Manila rewarded for outstanding test scores; ADE issues Report Card

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Armorel, Gosnell and Manila were among 175 schools that qualified for funds through the Arkansas School Recognition Program.

The program provides financial awards to the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student performance on the state required assessments in grades three through 10 and the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student academic growth, which includes high school graduation rates where applicable. Awards are based on information from the 2016-2017 school year.

The Armorel School District received the maximum $95.76 per student award— $22,120.56 total — for its Top 5 Percent performance. Armorel Elementary School received an “A” rating on the 2017 Arkansas Schools Performance Report Card with a score of 84.69, while Armorel High School received a “B” with a score of 70.11.

“Being recognized as a top elementary school in the state for school performance, as well as, earning an A in Elementary and a B in High School is an awesome reward for our students, teachers, and parents,” Armorel superintendent Jennifer Barbaree said. “For us, it's proof of all the hard work. Armorel educators are committed to setting high expectations for all and doing whatever it takes to get there. This is a success for our entire community. We aren't stopping here. Our expectation is student growth, continued high academic achievement, relevant learning, and to have fun while learning.”

Armorel Elementary principal Joey Carr added, “"I'm extremely pleased with the performance of my students and the teachers. So, a big thumbs up to them and for the parents. That says a lot about the parents in the community and how they are always there to support the school, but the parents do a really good job of working with their kids at home and that helps. I'm pleased that the tradition continues.”

Armorel High School principal Teresa Lawrence said, "Armorel High School is excited, but we will continue to work and make improvements so that our students are future ready."

Gosnell High School received $47.88 per student — $28,632.24 total — for Top 6-10 Percent Growth/Graduation. Gosnell High School received a rating of “B” on the Report Card with a 74.22, while Gosnell Elementary received a rating of “C” with a 69.4.

“The Gosnell School District is super proud of the Report Card ratings and Top Ten percent award received this week,” Gosnell superintendent Bonard Mace said. “The entire Educational team is  to be commended for their hard work and dedication in preparing students to be career and college ready.”

Gosnell High School principal Len Whitehead added, “I am extremely proud to inform the teachers, staff, students and parents of Gosnell High School that our school index is 74.22 (B) which ranks number 2 among all northeast Arkansas high schools (behind only Valley View). Gosnell High School had the highest score among Mississippi County high schools and was number 1 when compared to conference schools. Gosnell High School has also earned the honor of being a REWARD school based on these results. The school will be awarded $28,632.24 as part of the Arkansas School Recognition Program.”

“This is a GREAT accomplishment achieved through the hard work of the students, teachers and staff at Gosnell High School,” Whitehead continued. “Thank you for all the extra hours, stress, caring and compassion that you all contributed to make Gosnell High School such a great place to be. This is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be very proud of your accomplishments to this point. Thank you again fro your HARD WORK and congratulations on the recognition of your great efforts. Another GREAT day to be a PIRATE!”

Manila High School also received the Top 6-10 Percent Growth/Graduation award and a total of $15,704.64. MHS earned a “B” rating with a score of 70.07. Manila Middle School also earned a “B” with a 77.17, while Manila Elementary earned a “C” with a 72.46.

Meanwhile, Blytheville Primary earned a “C” rating with a 67.52, while Blytheville Middle School (61.17), Blytheville High School (55.31) and Blytheville Elementary (63.16) all earned “D” ratings.

“The ESSA reports as well as the report card grades have given our schools and district very specific information on where we can improve,” Blytheville director of curriculum Sally Cooke said. “We have been working over the last year after receiving test results to improve the foundation of teaching and learning and now have even more information to continue that process.”

KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School received a rating of “C” for its score of 65.15, while KIPP Blytheville College Prep received a “D” for its 62.7 score.

Scott Shirey, KIPP executive director, said, “The latest report card from the Arkansas Department of Education was not surprising and is another reminder of the challenge before us and the hard work we have left to do. Measures are already in place to improve these results. We have doubled-down on our commitment to literacy, which we know is the basis for all learning. Across our entire curriculum, we are pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure our students are successful throughout their education. We have been working hard this school year to get the right staff in place, and we believe we are building momentum for great things in the future for our KIPP schools in Blytheville.”

Osceola North Elementary School earned a “C” rating with a 67.49, while Osceola Carol Smith Elementary (64.92), Osceola High School (56.06) and Osceola STEM (62.34) earned “D” ratings.

Rivercrest Elementary earned a “C” rating with a score of 71.64, while Rivercrest High School received a “D” rating with a 60.75.

The Arkansas Department of Education said that a total of $6,999,529 will be awarded to 175 schools through the School Recognition Program. "The teachers and students who have earned this award for their schools have demonstrated the practical value of diligent study,"" Gov. Asa Hutchinson said. ""We all appreciate the pleasure of a 'bonus' for our hard work. But this is about more than extra cash for a school. Your devotion to teaching and learning now ensures a strong workforce and well-educated leadership for Arkansas tomorrow...”