City patching potholes

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Public Works director Mark Key reported to the Public Works and Airport and Utilities Committee on Monday that since January the department has been working on potholes within the city. Since April 6, over 150 potholes have been patched. The department has used around 20 tons of asphalt and has about 10 tons left to use. Jowers General Contracting began working on repairs to Elm on April 4.

Key stated that mowing season would soon begin for the department, weather permitting. The department has been mowing in the city parks since late March and Key feels that the department is adequately prepared for mowing in both manpower and equipment.

Key presented several photos of areas that had been cleared of brush and trash by Public Works in areas, including 908 Dixie, 421 E. Moultrie, and the North Division sewer station.

The committee also sent a request for a $25,000 used tub grinder to the finance committee. The department has been searching for a used tub grinder in good condition for a few months now. Key has found a used tub grinder from a seller in Cave City; however, before purchasing the equipment Key will travel to Cave City to see the machine function in person. No warranty will be provided with the machine if purchased but a new machine costs approximately $140,000.

Mayor James Sanders spoke about an overlay project that the city has considered in the past. The project would take place on McHaney Street from Ruddle Road to Division Street. The city made a petition to the highway department for grants for the project that was estimated to be around $270,000.

“We had the project with drainage at Elm Street and McHaney so what we elected to do was to fix that before we invested that money from the state that we felt certain we would get the grant. Well, we didn’t get the grant but…you’ve already allowed for us to start working on the infrastructure to prepare for the fixing of the road and I’ve been talking with (John) Callens…to determine if we would be able to come up with those funds to do the overlay now,” Sanders said.

Sanders added, that he has spoken with the Highway Department and it is likely that the city will be awarded the grant for the project next year. He requested that the city go ahead and seek bids for a 1.5-mile overlay on McHaney. The committee decided to seek bids per the mayor’s request.

Sewer Director Garry Carr reported that the sewer department had 77 utility locates and that the 21st and Henley cave-in had been fixed and completed by Jower’s on March 23. The sewer department fixed the cave-in near Jake Rhodes pumping station.

In March, diffuser parts were purchased for all three treatment plants for the amount of $2,133.

Carr stated that the UV lights installation was still about two months out from completion. Carr has recently had trouble with the road that leads to the station.

He stated that Google maps indicate that it is a county road but the road is in bad shape and is in need of repair. According to Carr, the transmission of a new truck was “torn up” due to the size of the holes in the road.