Reward offered in search for missing animals

Friday, February 9, 2018

The Penney family is devastated as it searches for its two dogs that have been missing since Jan. 5.

The family is asking for the public’s help in locating the male pit bull and female Husky, offering a $200 reward for each dog.

Dr. Barry Penney said his son Jonathan’s dogs have become a part of the family.

He noted they went missing in Gosnell and tips suggest they could be in the Armorel area.

Dr. Penney said there have been some leads, though they have come to a dead end.

“First of all, I would like to apologize to anyone who has felt falsely accused,” Dr. Penney said. “We are only following up on leads of information that we were given.”

He said local law enforcement is doing what it can in the search and has been looking into each lead.

The pit, Levi, was brought home at only three weeks old because the mother started to push the litter away.

Tammy Penney bottle-fed him until he was fully weaned off of milk.

“This was probably one of Jonathan’s first large purchases as he was only a senior in high school when he bought Levi with his own money,” Dr. Penney said. The animals were purchased for $350 each.

The family noted in watching several Facebook pages, it seems there are a lot of dogs missing over the past month.

“However, most of them are returned within a few hours to a few days of when they went missing,” Dr. Penney said. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case with our dogs. Pit bulls and huskies are a popular breed around here, and them both being white adds to their uniqueness. They are both friendly dogs and love kids. Someone has had to have taken them in. They both had collars on so people have got to know that they belong to somebody. In a generation of ‘finders-keepers’ anyone could have taken the dogs in with the idea that they found them, so they will just keep them. However, according to the police, to knowingly and purposefully keep something that belongs to someone else is considered theft, by law. All we want is to get our dogs back. To any dog lover, dogs are not just a pet. They become part of the family.”

Anyone with a lead is encouraged to call Tammy at (870) 740-1145 or he or she may contact the Gosnell Police Department.

The family has created a Facebook page for the search: The Levi And Athena Search.