Armorel renews Barbaree’s contract

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Armorel School Board held their monthly meeting Monday and voted to extend Superintendent Jennifer Barbaree’s contract for an additional year.

The board, absent Angela Finley due to illness, went into executive session to discuss personnel. The matter was to review Barbaree’s performance.

Once the board ended their executive session, School Board President Scott Jowers stated, “Welcome back…make note that there were no decisions made and that just the superintendent evaluation was discussed… I’d like to make a motion that we extend Jennifer Barbaree’s superintendent contract for an additional one-year, until the 2019-2020 school year.”

Board Member Jeff Hopper seconded Jowers’ motion. The board voted in agreement.

Barbaree explained to the board that three high school students, Abby Simmions, Darshan Patel and Matthew Cook that are in the Armorel EAST made “national news” for constructing a foot for Peg the Duck using 3-D printing technology.

“We didn’t have the finished product yet when we were at the School Board Conference, but they have been working on the project since September, creating the prosthetic that would fit appropriately. So they went over Christmas break to see if it would work and it did and that’s what they wanted to get Peg for Christmas. They wanted Peg to have his leg for Christmas and they did it… I just think it is so neat to see the kids’ hard work pay off on something so cool like that. Small town Armorel, we’re out there. And our kids can keep doing it and it was just a proud moment for them, because they were just really pleased… That was really exciting celebration for our kids this year,” Barbaree said.

Barbaree also announced that January is School Board Appreciation month. The Armorel Journalism class created a video of student interviews about what a board member does for the school district. Barbaree added that Finley received a plaque for “Master Board Member” after accumulating over 50 hours and that Jowers received a pin for being an “Outstanding Board Member” for accumulating over 25 hours.

— The district also announced it has made its final payments to both Tate Construction and Architecture ETFC Ladd Garey for the gym lobby renovation.

— Barbaree also mentioned that the school has submitted bids to host basketball, baseball and softball regional tournaments. She and Athletic Director Charlie Brown will make their presentation to the Arkansas Athletic Association Board members Thursday. Barbaree also mentioned that Arkansas Northeastern College, Blytheville High School and Gosnell High School will allow teams to utilize their facilities for practice; and that local hotels have said they will offer discounted or free rooms for the officials. Bay High School and Rector High School have also placed bids for basketball regionals as well. The last time Armorel hosted was in 2001.