UPDATE: Man shot, taken to BPD by individuals

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday at approximately 4:45 p.m., officers of the Blytheville Police Department responded to calls concerning a shooting that had just occurred in the area of 1st and Rose Streets.

A press release, issued Saturday, by Blytheville Chief of Police Ross Thompson says, “Moments later a car pulled up in front of the Police Department with a subject that had been shot. The victim was identified as 20-year-old B/M Antonio Knox of Blytheville. Knox had been shot in the area of 1st and Rose and was transported to the department by two good Samaritans. Knox was unconscious and had sustained life threatening injuries which consisted of two severed arteries."

BPD Officer Nathan Krupin

The release further added that BPD Officer Nathan Krupin, Sgt. Byron St. Laurent and Capt. Jeremy Ward began applying tourniquets, clotting agents and pressure to the wound. Due to the severity of Knox’s injuries, Detective Bobby Ephlin and other officers transported Knox to the hospital in a BPD vehicle.

Once at the Great River Medical Center, surgeons were able to stabilize Knox enough to be flown to a Memphis hospital for further treatment.

Sgt. Byron St. Laurent

The release adds, “According to a Great River Medical staff surgeon, Knox had about a 5 percent chance of survival and credits the team effort of all those involved for saving his life. While Knox is still in serious condition he now has another chance at life thanks to the decisive actions of the good Samaritans, the officers of the Blytheville Police Department and the staff of the Blytheville Great River Medical Center.”

“I am very proud of the men and women of this department,” Thompson said.

Capt. Jeremy Ward

According to the release, the BPD was already scheduled to receive further training later this month from the Stop the Bleeding Foundation on “how to stop and control bleeding developed on the military.”

Thompson also said, “Thanks to the citizens who have provided funds for the safety of the community the city is also in a financial position to be able to purchase and provide the Stop the Bleeding kits to the officers.”

Detective Bobby Ephlin

Additionally, the release said that the Blytheville Police Department has an awards and recognition program and that the officers involved will be eligible to receive an award and recognition for meritorious service for their efforts Friday.