BPD warns of local scam posing as Entergy

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Blytheville Police Department announced Tuesday afternoon that they’d like to make all Blytheville residents aware of an apparent scam involving a “well-educated man” knowing certain details regarding the account information of area residents. The man calls up his victims and tells them that they have not paid their Entergy bill and that unless a payment is made immediately, their power will be shut off within the next two days. They are then directed to purchase a “money pack” with the announced amount from a local Dollar General.

Blytheville Chief of Police Ross Thompson said, if someone is walking from door to door, let the BPD know, so officers can come to ask questions or identify the person. However, if it is by phone, it makes it harder but to hang up and call the company to make sure it is them before spending the money.

Matt Fairies, Customer Service Manager for Entergy said, "I haven't heard anything physically about activity in our area but we get reports state wide of similar scams."

Fairies also added that Entergy takes payments only by mail, by phone center, by credit card or by authorized pay stations.

The pay centers in Blytheville are the two Hays Grocers and Kroger.

"The two Hays stores and a Kroger’s are the pay centers that we have in Blytheville," Fairies explained.