Tom Henry

Newsroom Editor


The end of the Constitution and the end of America

Saturday, August 26, 2017

There once was a document that served as a beacon of life, liberty, hope and enlightenment for the world. The U.S. Constitution is the oldest WRITTEN CONSTITUTION still in use today in the entire world. The United Kingdom and San Marino have written governing documents that are older, but not as their supreme law (Constitution).

The U.S. Constitution, with its Bill of Rights, has been (as has the Declaration of Independence) used by many, many nations escaping colonialism upon their independence, as the model upon which they built their own democratic constitutions.

Historically the U.S. Constitution has been venerated and respected as approaching near canonical regard. In fact, just as a witness is called upon to swear or affirm upon a Bible or “holy book” (canon), all person entering elected office or even the military is required to swear to uphold and defend the American canon – the U.S. Constitution.

Really, very seldom have the foundational tenets been doubted by those other than the far extreme outliers of American culture (with some exceptions). However, in this insane day that we now live in, it is becoming overwhelmingly obvious that the document and our nation are in real danger! Let me explain why.

Only in today’s climate can the “freedom of religion” be perverted to mean “the freedom from religion.”

Only in today’s climate can the “right to bear arms” become the right for some, that meet certain requirements, that pay a fee, and get a license and take a class, if done in a certain way, may bear certain guns (but liberals argue there is no Constitutional protection for ammunition).

Only in today’s climate can the “freedom of speech” move from near absolute to in all cases except when causing incitement, to when hateful, to quickly approaching – when anyone else doesn’t like it and complains.

But now for the most telling - my next example will show any reasonable person just exactly how vulnerable our Constitution and Republic is.

The American people endured the lengthy two-year presidential campaign that ended last November and saw the nation elect Donald Trump as president. I know, to approximately half of the people out there it is traumatic. It is devastating. Believe me…I remember how sick my stomach has gotten when the candidate that I had voted against had won in the past. It feels like the world has come to an end. BUT…the Constitution stated that there would be a peaceful transition of power. The Constitution tells us what criteria have to be met to win the presidency (Electoral College). The Constitution tells us how long the term of office will be, even for the bad presidents…especially for the bad presidents!

Do you happen to remember how all the Democrats felt when “those mean Republicans” shamefully harassed and attacked “poor old President Bill Clinton” for “no good reason at all.” Well, I remember hearing a lot of people say that at least.

We learned that Article II, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states that impeachment can only be achieved in cases of “treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Clinton and others decried the “politics of personal destruction” and said that impeachment was being used as a political weapon. The Democrats screamed at the top of their lungs that his lying to a grand jury did not rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Before I tell you what pending threat to the Constitution and our nation are facing today, let me just point out that the Constitution allows 216 representatives and 67 senators, when all voting in agreement that a president should be impeached, can remove a president…. again, providing that they have legal reason such as “treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Without one of those legal causes being proven, then the removal of a president would be overturning a free election and would be essentially overthrowing the government, because there would be no legal right for them to have done so.

Now, here is the proverbial bombshell. The Washington Times website, on August 17, posted an article (with accompanying video) entitled, “Democrat introduces articles of impeachment against Trump for Charlottesville comments.”

The video and article states that Memphis Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen announced on August 17 that he will be introducing Articles of Impeachment against President Trump.

During the video, when reporters dared ask him on what grounds the articles would be drawn, Cohen went into a prolonged demagogic, litany of talking points. But it is important to state that he never did say what crimes Trump had committed. He merely listed all the reasons that Trump offended him. Then he uttered most idiotic statement I have ever hard by a congressman.

Cohen said, “High crimes and misdemeanors hasn't really been defined...if half of the house votes for impeachment and two-third of the senate votes to convict, it can be for jaywalking."

Do you realize what he said? I challenge you, even if you think that Trump is the human personification of the devil himself. Do you realize that Cohen is saying that if he can get 283 congressmen out of 535 to agree with him, he can overturn the American election and impeach a sitting president for anything, including jaywalking!

Friends, that is not impeachment. That is a bloodless coup d'état! With our Bill of Rights reversed and “God given liberties” being denied every day…if our national election is overturned by just 283 congressmen based upon something that is political rather than criminal…then folks we need to start flying the flag upside down, because we are in crisis and our Constitution is no longer worth the paper it has been writing on.

God, please save us!