Four arrested in aggravated burglary

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Ashley Sutton

Four suspects face aggravated burglary charges, after an incident Tuesday night at an apartment on East Main.

Ashley Sutton, Sherrie Mcclellen, Michelle Faulkenberry, and Benjamin Sutton are scheduled to be arraigned in Blytheville District Court on Wednesday.

Both Ashley Sutton and Sherrie Mcclellen are also being charged with aggravated assault.

Benjamin Sutton

According to Blytheville Police Department CID commander Capt. Scott Adams, around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday police responded to a burglary in progress at 3741 East Main Apartment F.  

When officers arrived, they spoke with victims Joseph Faulkenberry and Ryan Blymiller.

Faulkenberry told police that he heard knocking on his side door. “Faulkenberry stated that once he opened the door, there were two females later identified as Sherrie Mcclellan and Ashley Sutton standing outside the door,” Adams said. “Faulkenberry told officers the females were looking for his roommate Ryan Blymiller. Faulkenberry stated that Ashley Sutton then brandished a handgun pointing it directly to his face.”

Michelle Faulkenberry

Faulkenberry then slammed the door and called the police.

“Faulkenberry advised as he was on the phone, one of the subjects kicked in his back door and the offenders Ashley Sutton, Sherrie Mcclellen, Michelle Faulkenberry, and Benjamin Sutton all entered the residence causing a disturbance,” Adams said. “When officers entered the apartment, they found the offenders in the kitchen area with Mcclellan holding a handgun. Officers gave several commands for her to drop the gun and witnessed her trying to put the gun in her waistband. Eventually Mcclellan placed the gun on the counter and all four were taken into custody.”

Sherrie McClellan