King pleads guilty in Mckeever homicide

Monday, May 15, 2017

Michael King pled guilty today (Monday) on first degree murder charges for his part in the June 2016 slaying of Yuri Mckeever.

He was sentenced to 30 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, followed by 10 years SIS.

King and Michael Jackson were accused of murder, aggravated robbery and theft of property in last summer's homicide on South First. Police found Mckeever's body just inside the doorway of his residence in the 400 block of South First Street.

"Mckeever was unresponsive and brain matter was present due to head trauma," the court synopsis reads. "Investigators and the Coroner arrived on scene at which point it was deemed that foul play was involved. The body was transported to the morgue to await pickup by the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory."

As investigators processed the scene, they reportedly recovered numerous items associated with the sale and packaging of narcotics, leading them to believe that the address was used solely for the purpose of drug trafficking, the report said.

"Among the evidence items present was a video surveillance recorder that was connected to a single camera that was pointed towards the porch of the residence," the report said. "Upon review of the surveillance it was discovered that the victim had arrived to the residence at approximately 9:20 AM on the morning of June 8th." Approximately 10 minutes later a black male subject wearing shorts, a white t-shirt, and boots arrived at the residence, knocked, and then entered, the report said.

"Approximately one minute later another subject wearing gray shorts and red shoes approaches the residence from the North," the report said. "The first male exits the residence and the two meet briefly on the porch, at which point the subject with red shoes enters. The first male subject walks slowly through the yard, but then turns and sprints towards the door. The subject uses his shirt to open the door, enters, and remains for several moments. The two subjects eventually exit the residence carrying a bag and sprint away in a Northern direction."

Believing that Mckeever knew at least one or both of the offenders, authorities contacted the victim's sisters to watch the footage.

"Upon review of the footage both subjects were identified as 'friends' of the victim," the report said. "The first subject wearing boots was identified as Michael Jackson, "Bubba," and the second subject wearing red shoes was identified as Michael King. Three siblings were able to recognize the subjects and stated that the two defendants were cousins. It was further advised that the bag being carried away from the scene by Jackson was a bag belonging to the victim that he keeps money and jewelry in. Based on the identification by family members and comparison of the two subjects seen on the footage when compared to past booking photos, an affidavit was prepared and warrants were issued for both Jackson and King."