Haliburton accused of choking girlfriend, striking infant

Monday, April 17, 2017
Brandon Haliburton

Brandon Haliburton, 23, was arraigned in Blytheville District Court on Monday, for allegedly hitting and choking his girlfriend and striking an infant during the altercation.

Judge Shannon Langston found probable cause and set his bond at $75,000 cash. Haliburton was already out on a $75,000.00 bond from a prior gun incident.

According to Blytheville Criminal Investigations Division Commander Capt. Scott Adams, on Sunday officers responded to McDonald's on South Division to investigate the assault.

Adams said when officers arrived they located a black male that matched the description of the offender, Haliburton.

“As officers approached the male, the male stood up,” Adams said. “Officers asked him what was going on and if he had any weapons on him. The male then ran from officers towards the entry/ exit door in an attempt to flee from officers. Officers attempted to taze the male as he fled. However, there was no effect. Officers were able to catch the male and place him on the ground. While attempting to place the male’s hands in handcuffs the male began pulling his hands away from the officers. Officers had to taze the male once more on the side. Officers were then able to place the hands into the cuffs.”

Adams said while searching Haliburton, police found a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun in his waistband. Officers placed him into the back of the patrol car and later transported him to the Mississippi County jail.

“Officers later discovered the weapon in Haliburton’s possession was in fact a stolen weapon from the Caruthersville area,” Adams said.

 Officers then made contact with the victim, Brittany Smith, at the Great River Medical Center Emergency Room where she was being treated for her injuries.

Smith told officers that she and her boyfriend, Haliburton, were arguing at her residence about someone at her work wanting to buy her a car battery. “Smith stated as the argument continued Brandon began choking her to the point where she almost passed out,” Adams said. “Smith stated while she was being choked on the ground she was able to kick Brandon off of her. Smith told officers she was able to get up off of the ground and walk away from Brandon. As she was walking down the hallway she was struck in the back of the head with something causing a laceration and bleeding.”

Smith told officers that all she remembered after getting struck in the head was Haliburton picking her up and yelling, “why (does) he want to buy you a battery.”

“Smith stated she told him that she was not cheating on him and she did not know why he wanted to buy her a battery,” Adams said. “Smith stated Brandon then began hitting her in the face and head several times causing a laceration to her lip. Smith stated she was able to make it into the living room where her 6 month old child was. Smith stated she then picked up her infant child and Brandon continued hitting her and also striking the infant causing swelling.

He is being charged with Domestic Battery 3rd (2nd Offense), Domestic Battery 2nd (infant), Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Theft by Receiving, Possession of Firearm by Certain Person, Refusal to Submit to Arrest, and Fleeing (Foot).

Haliburton was already out on a $75,000 bond from a prior gun incident.

On March 15, officers were driving north on Franklin Street when a brown Ford SUV turned in front of them.

Officers observed the vehicle matched the description of the vehicle used in a previous shooting.

Officers then ran the vehicle's license plate and were made aware the license plate came back to a Chevy Impala.

“Officers then initiated the traffic stop on the vehicle,” Adams said. “As officers notified dispatch of their location the driver of the vehicle attempted to get out of the SUV. Officers ordered the driver to stay in the vehicle in which he complied. As officers approached the vehicle they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle.” Officers identified the driver as Brandon Haliburton and learned that he did not have a driver's license.

“When officers returned to the vehicle, they asked Brandon if there were any drugs in the car,” Adams said. “Brandon told the officers that there were drugs in the vehicle and he would show the officers where they were. Brandon then handed officers a rolled marijuana cigarette that was in the car. Officers told Brandon that they were going to conduct a search of the vehicle at which time Brandon stated his children were sitting in the back of the car. As officers searched the vehicle they located a loaded AK-47 Pistol underneath a jacket in the front seat of the car and three bags of marijuana that was sitting in the cup holder of the car. Officers contacted the mother of the children and had her pick her children up from the scene.


Upon reviewing Brandon's criminal history it was found that Brandon was charged and convicted of robbery in 2014.”