Accident backs up traffic along I-55

Monday, February 3, 2014

Northbound raffic was backed up along Interstate 55 midday Monday, the result of an accident likely linked to the icy roadways that followed Sunday's winter storm.

Details of the accident are not yet known, but the backup had interstate traffic at a standstill for a portion of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the latest round of wintery weather has caused a number of power outages throughout Mississippi County.

While Blytheville has seen some scattered outages, most of the damage has been in the south and western parts part of the county.

David Burnette of Entergy said that as of Monday morning, 17 poles were down causing 136 customers in Osceola to be without power and 50 in Wilson. He said there were only 18 without in Blytheville but 127 in Manila.

"We should have these customers up by mid-afternoon or the end of the day on Monday," said Burnette.

Brad Harrison of Mississippi County Electrical Coop said the co-op had five poles down and was dealing with outages in Half Moon, Burdette and south of Dell.

Burnette said Entergy has called in an additional 20 workers from surrounding areas to help bring power back to their customers.

While the energy providers are keeping an eye on another wave of inclement weather that's forecast to hit the area on Tuesday, they are focusing on fixing the current outages first.

"We want to make sure we get power back to the people who don't have it now and make sure these poles don't break if we get anymore bad weather this week," said Harrison.