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I'm going to Disney World! (I think)

Friday, January 25, 2013

You know how all the pro athletes who win big games get to stand up before the cameras and shout, "I'm going to Disney World." Well, I'm not exactly shouting it, and I'm certainly not getting paid the "big bucks" for making the announcement, but thanks to an exceptionally economical airline ticket offer from Columbia, Mo., airport to Orlando, Fla., I'm headed that way.

My Dear Sweet Sainted Wife, in collusion with middle son Kit -- father of granddaughters Alexandra and Leah-Bo -- set this up for sometime in late February, and the five of us will fly down to Orlando and have a few days to not only go to Disney World, but also stop in and visit My Dear Sweet Sainted Mother and Carl, who will still be "Wintering in Winterhaven" when we get down there.

A trip to the beach will no doubt work its way in there also, weather permitting.

If the weather is too crappy for the beach, maybe there will be a spring training game I can sneak off to. They'll be in full spring training swing while we're down there, but we might run out of time for that.

Anyway, it will be a good final breakup of the boring winter months in Arkansas.

I know CN editor Andy Weld considers himself a connoisseur of all things Disneyland/Disney World, so maybe he can outline me an itinerary so we can get the most out of one long day at the place.

We could make it two days, but I don't know if the granddaughters can keep their attention that long (or if we can afford two rounds of ticket prices).

Eldest son Jeff will probably not be back from his latest winter excursion in time to go with us, this one to (of all places) the Dominican Republic.

I don't know if he's going down there to try to get in some Dominican baseball winter league (a little late for that Jeffrey) or if he's got a Dominican girlfriend or something (always a possibility).

Eliciting specific motives and details from Jeffrey is often difficult, sometimes because he just doesn't have any.

Let's see now, that's Paraguay and South America for the better part of a year, several months in Thailand, one winter roaming the American West, no telling how many trips to places like Vermont and Michigan ... Jeffrey stays on the move when he can. And I'm sure there are a few such trips I don't know anything about.

And somehow he keeps the same job working for the City of Columbia golf courses ... at least since he got back from South America.

Now, the moment everyone has been waiting for -- my Super Bowl pick for 2013.

Here you go: Baltimore 24, San Francisco 21.

Of course I pick the minor upset, I always do.

Maybe that's why I'm about 16-30 on Super Bowl picks over the years.

Flip that and my gambling reserve would be in a lot better shape.

Come to think of it, the Super Bowl is about the only sports-related bet I ever make, except maybe the Kentucky Derby once in a while.

We'll have a Super Bowl picking contest in Sunday's paper, only we can't call it "Super Bowl."

That's because the NFL has a copyright on the term "Super Bowl" and they are very particular about how that term is used.

I can use it to write a column like this, but the Courier News can't use it in a contest that is sponsored by advertisers such as the one coming out Sunday.

I blame it all on the lawyers.

I wonder if it's getting close to the time when the results of the State Police "investigation" of the circumstances surrounding the city of Blytheville getting so far in arrears with its IRS withholding payments will be revealed.

I certainly hope so.

Whether there's anything of substance or interest in the findings or not, it's time to get it over with once and for all.

And if it can be shown that a particular individual or individuals made a decision to withhold the payments, I figure they owe the city of Blytheville about $700,000 ... the final determined amount of penalties and interest for being late that the IRS has mandated.

Seems fair to me. After all, the money was there. It was held out of people's pay checks, then spent on something else.

I have a problem with that, don't you?


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