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Long break from meaningful college football

Friday, December 7, 2012

I've griped about this before, and I can't resist griping about it again.

It's an annual thing for me.

There's something fundamentally wrong with the way college football scheduling is set up.

Something has to be fundamentally wrong that leaves one team (Notre Dame) in the National Championship Game with a six-week wait to play again, and leaves the other team (Alabama) with a five-week wait.

You'd think it might be possible to move the bowl game schedule back a couple of weeks so it absolutely concludes on New Year's Day.

That would help by a week.

I know the networks need programming for the dead zone between New Year's Day and the Super Bowl, but who cares?

I guess the networks do, and of course, that's what the problem really is.

But even then, if the college football season could manage to wait 'til school starts to start playing games, and every team was given another bye week or two during the regular season (which they all would certainly benefit from), then there would only be a two-week Christmas break, or maybe a three-week break for schools with final exams before the Christmas break, and everybody would be better off.

So many changes can take place within a football team in six weeks that the teams who finished the regular season are sure to show up as quite different groups a month and change after their last game.

Anyway, enough space wasted on that dead issue.

While we're on the subject of football, the coaching carousel has done its spinning in Arkansas, with the Razorbacks getting the guy from Wisconsin and ASU looking for a new coach (again) after Malzahn hit the road back to Auburn.

Malzahn has been pretty lucky his last few stops, landing right on top of some great offensive players -- at Arkansas, then Auburn, and lastly at ASU.

Now we'll get to see if he can recruit enough of those good players to get Auburn back on the winning track. He's never had that responsibility before, as far as I can tell. He did help get Mitch Mustain to Arkansas, but that didn't turn out to be much of a big deal.

If anyone's wondering, Mustain is in the Chicago White Sox minor league system trying to be a pitcher. No telling how that will work out.

As for Arkansas, it can't be any worse next year than it was this year. Or can it?

Tyler Wilson is gone, and I don't see anything coming up behind him that amounts to much, and that could be a bad sign.

But it's early yet.

CN editor Andy told me a story he had heard about Bielema (who played at Andy's favorite college team, Iowa). A 189-pound walk-on who developed into a 250-plus-pound starting nose guard, Bielema's Iowa team beat their rival Iowa State Cyclones every year he was there. After the final Iowa State game, Bielema walked up to the Iowa State coach and told him how much he had enjoyed kicking his @## for the last five years.

A little over the top for a college kid maybe, but it shows some feistiness.

He'll need it in the SEC West.

Dr. Matt Jones took advantage of some particularly awful golf by yours truly on a really nice (for December) Wednesday afternoon, and beat me 1-up to stop a three-match losing streak. Congratulations, Matt. I'm glad we switched to singles.

Golf pro Bo Smith was out murdering mallards Sunday afternoon so I elected myself to split up the 15 guys playing golf into three more or less even teams (Dago didn't think so, but he never does). Nobody told me Phil Hawkins had run a marathon (literally) the day before and he ended up on my team. Had I known Phil had put in that many miles not 24 hours ago, I should have, in the interest of self preservation, stuck him with somebody else.

Anyway, turns out Phil didn't play a whole lot better or worse than usual, but if he'd just made one birdie, I might have been $1 ahead instead of $1 in the hole when it was time to settle up. I'm blaming that $1 on him.


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