I'm (not) so sad to see the Yankees swept

Friday, October 19, 2012

If the Cardinals manage to blow their 3-1 lead in the National League Championship series against the Giants, it will still be a good year in baseball because the Yankees got swept by the Tigers and are gone from World Series contention.

My Yankee enmity probably goes back to 1964 when the Cardinals and Yankees played in the World Series ... back before the round after round of wildcards and playoffs came along and it was just the National League Winner against the American League winner. It took the Cardinals seven game to win it but even at age 12, I could tell the Yankees thought they were king of the walk ... even while getting beat.

Then there were the Steinbrenner decades, and all that money thrown at players, that really got the current era of overpaid players and overpriced tickets started.

I blame it all on the Yankees.

And then there's the fact that the Yankees have won more -- way more -- World Series titles than the Cardinals, who are in second place in that race all-time. I know, I'm just plain jealous, but anyway, it was nice to see them get clobbered by Detroit.

My Dear Sweet Sainted Wife made it back from yet another trip to Columbia, Mo., this one for granddaughter Leah-Bo's birthday which was exactly a week ago now. Five years old, she is. Reports are that they all had a big time and that Leah-Bo scored three goals in her soccer game Saturday that got in just before the thunderstorms that interrupted the Alabama-Missouri game came along.

I guess you could call Alabama-Missouri a game, but that would be stretching it a little bit.

Somehow or the other granddaughter Alexandra talked my Dear Sweet Sainted Wife into buying some kind of I-phone contraption or something so that they can talk to each other and see each other on the phone at the same time. It sounds pretty neat and only cost $200 or so, another bargain in the world of expanding electronic gadgets.

I'm sure they'll both put it to good use.

I was also told that eldest son Jeffrey may not take off and go to Europe with Adam Bernard and his band, "StarRoy," for a month or two like he was thinking about. That'll be because some guy at the golf course where he works in Columbia is retiring and Jeffrey's going to move up a notch in the groundskeeping hierarchy, and will work all through the winter instead of being laid off from Thanksgiving til March.

I'm not sure he'll like it all that much, having gotten used to spending winters traveling the country and sometimes the world, but then again he's getting a little too old for all that running around.

Andy Weld is off today so I've got his work to do on top of my own, so I'm going to cut this column a little short and get back to it.