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Lorrain Mitchell, Ward 1 candidate

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mitchell was born and raised in Blytheville and is a graduate of Blytheville High School. She has a two year degree in criminal justice, and is retired from the United States Army with 23 years of service. She has a law enforcement background and completed Police Academy training in Savannah. She has been married for 37 years, and is a mother of two and grandmother of two. Mitchell has no prior political experience, but has been active with issues and concerns of the community, and attends city council meetings on a regular basis.

On Blytheville's financial situation:

The financial situation in Blytheville has been going on for years and it will take years to turn our city around. We need to stop making bad choices in our spending and unnecessary donations to organizations that are 501-C3. It is the sole responsibility of a non profit to generate their own revenue, and the city of Blytheville should not be paying their salaries, nor should we pay their bills. We should stop the practice of getting bonds to purchase things that we do not already have the funds for. We need to, for once, balance the budget and only spend what the city has in revenue coming in.

On population loss in Blytheville:

The loss in population is due to a couple of things: 1) This area only knows how to keep adding tax after tax to the citizens, 2) Attractions: Blytheville sits on a major interstate, there should be no reason for this city not to grow, except for the fact that we are limited in industry (employment), shopping, food choices (restaurants), and entertainment, why? 3) Appearance: look at residential and commercial for that fact, and let's not forget our biggest issue, our streets and drainage!

On crime reduction and law enforcement:

This is a hard one. We need to first clean up the city's infrastructure. We need to start holding citizens accountable for their property. We need to set codes and enforce them. We need to set fines and impose them. We need a neighborhood watch program in every community, where citizens are not afraid to report a crime. We need to be creative and come up with constructive ideas to keep our youth off the streets. We need a community center, water park, and also need a summer job program.

On the responsibilities of a city council representative:

As a councilperson, I believe that the person elected should stay focused on the agenda and vote responsibly. Do the research and make sound and just decisions on matters for the people and for the city of Blytheville. Most important is the duty to keep the citizens informed on the whole and true picture of any decision making.

Campaign statement:

If elected, I will make sound and responsible decisions. I will keep my vision toward the people who elected me. I will do my best to make Blytheville a desirable place to live.

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