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Slate set for 2012 elections

Friday, March 2, 2012

The following is the final list of candidates who have filed to run for county office in 2012. Candidates will draw for ballot position at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the county judge's office at the courthouse in Blytheville.

Randy L. Carney, Mississippi County Judge - D

Dale Cook, Mississippi County Sheriff - D

Janice Curry, Mississippi County Clerk - D

Donna Bray, Mississippi County Circuit Clerk - D

Patricia Caldwell, Mississippi County Collector - D

Peggy Meatte, Mississippi County Treasurer - D

Harley L. Bradley, Mississippi County Assessor - D

Fred A. Fleeman, Quorum Court Justice, District 1 - D

Michael L. White, Quorum Court Justice, District 2 - D

James L. Branum, Quorum Court Justice, District 3 - R

Robert Earl Davis, Quorum Court Justice, District 3 - D

Bill Nelson, Quorum Court Justice, District 4 - D

Barry Ball, Quorum Court Justice, District 5 - D

Adonis Hopper, Quorum Court Justice, District 6 - D

Hattie G. Middlebrook, Quorum Court Justice, District 7 - D

Hays T. Sullivan, Quorum Court Justice, District 7 - D

Emma Langston, Quorum Court Justice, District 8 - D

Jonathan Abbott, Quorum Court Justice, District 8 - D

Kristy Latham, Quorum Court Justice, District 8 - D

Ricky Ash, Quorum Court Justice, District 8 - R

Sylvester Belcher, Quorum Court Justice, District 9 - D

Ken Kennemore, Quorum Court Justice, District 10 - D

Benton Felts, Quorum Court Justice, District 11 - D

Mike Godsey, Mississippi County Coroner - D

Trinell Harris, Mississippi County Coroner - I

Justin Cissell, Golden Lake Township Constable - R

Bobby Godsey, Bowen Township Constable - D

Terry Byrd, Bowen Township Constable - D

Sumner R. (Reggie) Cullom, Carson Lake Township Constable - D

Robert Yerbey, Dyess Township Constable - I

Jasper L. Jackson, Fletcher Township Constable - U

Danny Pankey, Hector Township Constable - R

Roger Ferrell, Little River Township Constable - D

Lex Goble, McGavock Township Constable - D

Jim Creecy, Monroe Township Constable - D

Dennis E. Tucker, Sr., Scott Township Constable - D

Individuals filing for membership on the Mississippi County Democratic Central Committee: Randy L. Carney, Janice Currie, Donna Bray, Peggy Meatte, Harley L. Bradley, Billie Fernandez, Bryant Whitted, Tommie Jackson, George Hale, Hays T. Sullivan, Michael L. White, Steve McGuire, Sandra Kennedy-Mitchell, Ruby K. Harris, Joe Harris, Jr., Tommy Lee Baker, Dorothy Baker, Anthony C. Bridgeforth, Jr.

Individuals filing for membership on the Mississippi County Republican Central Committee: James L. Branum, Vickie D. Branum, Nancy Bray, Lydia Coen, Justin Cissell, Dorothy M. Crockett, Clarence B. Dickerson, Marvel B. Dickerson, Gladys M. Duncan, Dennis G. Fitzpatrick, Marsha Fitzpatrick, Barbara W. Francis, Tom H. Francis, L. Denise Hester, Betty Hudspeth, Maxine Johnson, Lowry E. Robinson, Stephen L. Knox, Glenn R. Samford, Sandra Samford, Sharron Shaffer, Plina A. Thomas, William G. Thomas, Mary W. Wallace, Deborah G. Widner, Cecilia A. Wiktorek, Thomas M. Wiktorek, Morris Sue Wood, Candyce Tims, Kimberly Holthouse, Betty J. Dunegan, Rhoda Yost, Don Tims, Tyler Dunegan

D = Democrat; R = Republican; I = independent; U = unaffiliated

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