Monday, August 27, 2012

The play, Pinocchio, was performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Ritz Theatre by a local cast. Directed by Candie Groves and J.D. Harris, the cast included: Charlie Groves (Pinocchio), Tia Sellers (Blue Fairy), Ally Young (Geppetto), Shelby Crosskno (Cat), Slade Robertson (Fire Eater), Samantha FitzPatrick (Fox), Megan Jenkins (Candlewick), Andrea FitzPatrick (Clown), Madison Groves (Antonio), Hannah Thompson (Policeman), Kaylee McKenney (Harlequin), Carmen Besharse (Miss Rose), Tya Sellers (Punchinello), Victoria Travis (Puppeteer #1), Alexandra Regenold (Puppeteer #2), Whitley Bishop (Puppeteer #3) and Tyler Harris (Puppeteer #4).