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Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017
County shelter needs funding (06/11/15)
It never ceases to amaze me how people accept or do not accept animals as a part of the family or consider their pet as just an aggravation. I was approached last week with the question,"you still worrying about them animals--how long you gonna keep this up?" I agree that I am growing long in the tooth but expect to be buried with the prayer that someone will carry the torch for the animals that cannot speak for themselves. ...
No laws in county for animals (06/28/14)
And so there are folks in this city and county that just can't imagine why we really need a county shelter.
Seeing troubling things at Walker Park (06/21/14)
I remember Walker Park, when I first moved here, 44 years ago, and how excited the children were that they had a park to enjoy.
Through the storm ... (06/14/14)
While watching the storms of rain and wind, I noted how scared the children (great-grandchildren) were. We played a game of what to do if a tornado were to come roaring through Mississippi County, as it was suggested by the weather man.
Area povery creates challenges (05/31/14)
I've been thinking, and anyone that really knows me -- well, I been thinking!
The case for euthanasia (05/24/14)
I am about to give you readers some "paws to ponder." I recently heard on TV an alarming announcement that I am certain it was from a Memphis Shelter. I do not watch much TV but often have it on just for the noise.
Stories from the news (05/03/14)
Sure seems like Thursday rolls around faster than it used to (my article deadline). But then, nothing these days can be anticipated, especially this crazy weather.
Don't leave pets in hot cars (04/19/14)
It seems every day the news just appears to get worse. I have gotten to the point that I don't even want to read the paper or watch the news on TV.
Special horse laid to rest (04/12/14)
The Carousel Farms Pet Cemetery has interred another of the family-loved animals.
Running in circles ... (04/05/14)
Sometimes I find myself feeling my way in this darkness. It seems I am going in circles. A younger me, always impatient, this older version of me is often reminded that my time is running out to fast.
Some fine cookin' (03/29/14)
Well, we all know that when the Lord closes one door, He will open another.
Remembering Misery (03/22/14)
Well, spring has sprung, and yet we know that as crazy as this weather has been, we will probably have snow Easter Sunday. Wouldn't be the first time!
Animal advocates must lead the way (03/15/14)
How about that weather? It has been some time since I have seen weather like that. I had a little down time and did not have to suffer the weather. I lie there thinking and worrying how many animals were not in a nice cozy house with a fireplace and nice warm food to eat.
A heavy heart, this night (02/22/14)
This night, I said goodbye to my longtime friend, Diana Weidman.
No good reason not to spay/neuter pets (02/15/14)
Another load of puppies were picked up off Lily. Strange how no one knows who these animals belong to!
Preaching to the choir (02/01/14)
I am past worn out preaching to the choir. Getting old I suppose, or maybe just plain burned out.
It's natural to grieve for pets (01/18/14)
The purest form of love is family, whether it be human or a pet. And when a person or pet you love dies, it's natural to feel sorrow. It's natural to express grief.
County shelter could help save "throw-aways" (01/11/14)
We are still pushing for the Mississippi County Animal Shelter as well we should. The anticipation of its arrival is almost as bad as being pregnant.
Take care of pets during cold weather (01/04/14)
The year is gone, thank God! I pray that the new year will bring us peace and tranquility. It's gotta be better than last year.
County shelter dream slow to come to reality (12/21/13)
Been kinda whiney the last few weeks. Sign of the times -- lots of stuff on my plate! I remind myself of the William Yeats saying, "But I, being poor, have only my dreams, I have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, for you tread on my dreams."
Some folks just won't do what's right (12/14/13)
Every once in a while, I remind myself that there are wonderful people in this troubled world of ours, some in this very county. But hounding me too often are the so-called humans that just ain't gonna do that which is right and abide by the Bible.
PETA's ethics questioned (11/23/13)
I don't know how much you know about PETA, but perhaps it is time the public got a glimpse of their practices as opposed to the practice they claim.
Telling a sad story (11/16/13)
Gotta sad story to relay to you and possibly the owner of a white Pit.
Animal cruelty law being put to use (11/09/13)
Rodney Kankey, 52 of Viola, will be tried Dec. 3 in Fulton County Circuit Court in Salem. Pretrial will be held next week. He was charged nearly three years ago with 118 counts of animal cruelty.
Solution sought for county animal problem (11/02/13)
Maybe this is just a bad week. Maybe I'm getting crotchety in my old age. But I am getting progressively aggravated with the attitude most of the city/county has taken regarding animals being tossed out into the wilderness.
Greiving process for pets never ends (10/28/13)
I have been watching my beloved companion "Gretchen" begin to fade from my life and it is very difficult to accept.
A tale of our town's goodness (10/12/13)
Too often we hear complaints or dissatisfaction regarding Blytheville. I have made Blytheville my home since 1970. Sure, we have some unsavory things happen, but so do other towns and cities.
Grieving for beloved pet can be long process (10/05/13)
For many people a pet is not "just a dog" or "just a cat." Pets are beloved members of the family, and when they die, you feel a significant, even traumatic loss.
Blessing of the pets event planned (09/28/13)
The Inaugural Blessing of the Animals will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5 on the lawn of the First United Methodist Church in Osceola.
County animal woes still affecting city (09/21/13)
And the beat goes on! Another week of county animal problems brought into the city. Folks, everything is ready for the new shelter, except the money. And yes, we have a bank account, and yes, it is slowly but surely growing.
County needs a leash law (09/07/13)
The lady who contacted me was very distraught about her kin -- (three men, her brothers-in-law) had a wonderful little dog named "Charlie." They have little joy in their lives, so this pet was very dear to them.
County animal control virtually non-existent (08/24/13)
OK, all right! I should have been a teacher so I could say, "We're going to do this 'til we get it right."
What a week! (08/17/13)
Well, if the rest of this week is like the first of the week, I am going to have to visit a shrink!
More praise for Paws in Prison program (08/10/13)
I am continually asked about the Paws in Prison project that we have been working on for well over a year.
"Rescue Prayer" shared (08/03/13)
Seeing so many animals about our town and knowing how crowded our shelters are, this beautiful sentiment comes to my sad heart. It was written by Carol Herd:
Police should follow up on felonies against animals (07/27/13)
I realize that all animal owners are not going to love their pets as they do their children but, how do you just move away and leave pets without any food or water? When is it they just stop caring about their animals enough that they leave them tied to a fence without food and water? Why would you leave them shut up in a house without food and water?...
Paws in Prison can offer win-win situation (07/21/13)
Paws in Prison began the last part of 2011. It began as a partnership with Central Arkansas Rescue effort. There are lots of good things coming from this program
Paws in Prison programs showing success (07/13/13)
Many thanks to Diana Holmes. She advised me of the Jonesboro Club program last Tuesday which would most certainly be of interest to me (Paws in Prison).
Animal lovers are hard to beat (07/06/13)
Hope your Fourth of July was as wonderful a celebration as mine was. Family and friends are so hard to beat. The food was fantastic -- being a food fanatic it made the holiday even more enjoyable.
Animal abuse linked to family violence (06/29/13)
Did you ever consider that animal abuse is another form of family violence? I once heard a speaker say that animal abuse takes numerous forms in the context of family violence.
Remembering a friend (06/22/13)
Forty-three years ago I came to Blytheville with three kids, two hamsters, a Weimaraner, a Schnauzer, two white rats and a Boa constrictor.
County shelter project on a slow road (06/15/13)
Promises! Promises! Promises! I hate to be a grouch, but I made a promise to the county folks that I would be a part of building a shelter that would be beneficial to the cities and our county. I never said how long it would take.
No excuse for not checking on animals (06/08/13)
A shut mouth gathers no foot. And I am about to stick my foot in my mouth (or whatever)!
Reason to wonder (06/01/13)
If you haven't heard, a Newbern, Tenn., man is being held in an Arkansas jail for poisoning three horses, and a friend of mine is nursing a broken heart.
Local group visits Helena shelter (05/18/13)
Hard to believe a week has passed and an other article yet to be written. Even harder to believe that our trip to Helena/West Helena new animal shelter (scheduled three weeks ago) was attended by three of us.
A tale of motherhood ... (05/11/13)
This day belongs to all the mothers that read this, and what a joy it is to become a mother.
Lots of good things happening (05/04/13)
What a week! Lotsa good things, positive things happening and we are so much the better for it.
Too many animals abandoned on streets (04/27/13)
As a nation we claim to love our dogs and cats. Millions of households have pets, and billions of dollars are spent yearly on pet food and supplies.
The wonderment of unconditional love (04/20/13)
There are so many of us that possess that wonderful love for animals, they are so like family. "Gretch" has been a little under the weather, and it is like having a child that is ill.
What it means to be an animal hoarder (04/13/13)
On occasion, I am asked what "exactly" is an animal hoarder. This usually comes up when someone is accused of being an animal hoarder.
Lawmakers get it right on Senate bill (04/06/13)
Kudos to our congressmen who did their homework on S.B. 13. They thoroughly dissected it from over three pages to a paragraph which states that an animal owner is only responsible for "reasonable expenses for an animal's care when it is seized by law enforcement or by an animal control officer."
Abuse is never acceptable (03/30/13)
Many times I have used this article as a vehicle to try to reach and teach. To teach readers that animals are wonderful creatures that love unconditionally and share a powerful bond with humans.
We need to keep our animal rights laws intact (03/23/13)
Well, here we go again! I hate to dwell on the negative but, if you are not notifying your congressmen on SB 13 and 14 you best do it or hang up the existing Arkansas animal cruelty as a felony. Once again the bill proposes that only law enforcement personnel, not animal rights groups or individuals, are allowed to investigate complaints of animal cruelty...
County shelter project slowly moving forward (03/16/13)
I am most happy to report that our startup committee met Wednesday. It was my pleasure to announce that according to Judge Carney, the land that Mayor Kennemore and I have coveted for the most of 10 years will be released to us for our shelter project.
Senate bill must be stopped (03/09/13)
There are many things we all do -- right things and wrong things. Too often, we just let things ride, because, we just do.
Harmful bill has a new sponsor (03/02/13)
Well, how about this news! Senate Bills 13 and 14 now have a co-sponsor. A Sen. Gary Stubblefied. A month ago I was advised by Sen. Burnett that it most probably wouldn't fly. Someone out there thinks it will!
Animal cruelty still hard to fathom (02/23/13)
It is or would be correct to state that Blytheville is not exactly a cultural mecca. It has it's good points. It would, however, be fair to state that after 43 years, it has been home to me and mine.
Still time to fight nonsensical Senate bill (02/16/13)
Maybe it is just the desire to remember what used to be good -- remembering things that meant something and wondering if things will ever be the same.
Dumping dogs out in county is no solution (02/09/13)
Arkansas needs to create a database or some type of registry that handles repeated animal abuse. Arkansas could be a leader that would create stronger penalties for animal cruelty and neglect (and make it stick).
Neighbor's shooting of dog not justified (02/02/13)
How does one measure love or happiness -- a good friend, a good meal, laughter of a child? I do know that too often when love is suppressed, the hate settles in. Pick up the paper, watch TV, and it is all laid out before us.
Senate bill reads like a bad joke (01/26/13)
Listen up all you animal lovers! I don't know what Sen. J. Hutchinson of Benton was smoking when he drafted S.B. 13. I do know he has no idea what he is talking about.
Nothing as upsetting as losing something you love (01/19/13)
I suppose there is nothing quite so upsetting as something you love to come up missing. Missing -- gone -- maybe forever.
Dogfighting at odds with rational thought (01/12/13)
A few months ago Adam Reeves, in a special article for the Democrat-Gazette, was openly chastising Iowa's U.S. Rep. Steve King.
Time keeps marching on (01/05/13)
"Time has no divisions to mark its passage. There is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins, it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols." So it was stated by Thomas Mann (1924). He would never imagine how true that statement is in this county we live in -- in this world we live in. Nor the city we inhabit...
"My puppy gave to me ..." (12/29/12)
"On the first day of Christmas, my puppy gave to me, the Santa topper from the Christmas tree. ...
Pets still need heroes (12/22/12)
If you are reading this article, then the world did not come to an end! Praise the Lord!
Church offers aid to MissCo Animal Rescue (12/15/12)
The second Sunday of Advent brought forth a celebration of God's love in many of the live of others. This was the blessing brought forth by the unfortunate closing of the Aldersgate United Methodist Church of Blytheville.
Dogs enter old age at different rates (12/08/12)
What a lovely week this has been. I have been quite under the weather for weeks, and this week I am improving wonderfully well! Nothing in this world can beat good health.
Education, police key to ending animal abuse (12/01/12)
Good endings come from prayerful beginnings, this I believe! My desire to put to use that which is necessary and good will bring forth a shelter that will serve the county well.
Programs help people, pets (11/17/12)
For the very few that remain unsure about construction of our very own county shelter, I will offer excerpts from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.
More on feral cats (11/10/12)
This article may not be a help or interest to many readers, but surprisingly enough, I am often asked what to do with feral cats.
Here's why we need a county animal shelter (11/03/12)
A recent incident is another reason it is important to look to a future shelter out in the county.
The joys of adopting (10/27/12)
As this month comes to a close, I hope many of you were able to participate in this October month, which is "adopt a shelter dog month."
Project closer to reality (10/13/12)
Last week I was invited to Wilson to speak to the ladies club there that are much interested in what we are wanting to do with the animal shelter in Mississippi County. They listened with interest as I explained the advantages of proposing such a project.
A tale of two kitties (10/06/12)
I rather expect the majority of the readers have read or at least heard of "The Tale of Two Cities." Betcha never heard of the tale of the two kitties?
What not to feed your pet (09/29/12)
I came across the following article that had some great info regarding the feeding or the do-not-feed list. A lot of it I knew, but wondered if everyone knew what you should not feed your cat or dog.
Pets, prisons can be a win-win scenario (09/22/12)
While our committees are reviewing, revising and reveling in the tasks at hand, I would like to take the opportunity to kinda fill you in on the what's going on in the animal world of Paws in Prisons.
County shelter progress not too good to be true (09/14/12)
In these unsettling times, the expression, "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" usually holds true. Not this time. Progress is being made toward providing a county animal rescue.
Animal abuse is never acceptable (09/08/12)
I believe it was 2009 when the Arkansas animal cruelty law came into being. Well, being the 46th state to admit that torturing an animal was more than a Class A misdemeanor shows progress. (Perhaps we were a little on the late bloomer side, but I digress.)
Hospital staff pitches in to help pet in need (09/01/12)
If you ever hear complaints against our Great River Medical Center, I want you to remember that every living thing is important to them.
County shelter a win-win proposal (08/25/12)
A lot of interest in the county shelter of late. Some of the comments are positive and some are negative. It is hard to imagine that there are those who could find fault with anything new that they don't understand, and that makes it all wrong.
County shelter effort moves forward (08/18/12)
Another major step has occurred in our quest for a county shelter! We finally received our Federal Identification Number and glory in it. Try and start a bank account, even with $12,000 in your hand without a FIN and you will find out it ain't gonna happen.
Cats can serve a useful purpose (08/11/12)
I reckon as how I love all animals, but dogs are my very favorite. I find myself nearly always carrying on about dogs, not on purpose, really.
Remembering the good ole days (08/03/12)
It seems like just yesterday although the many years have passed since bread was 5 cents a loaf and gasoline was 12 cents a gallon. Back then friends were true and trusted friends. Those were the days when men loved women and women loved men and neighbors knew and cared for one another. ...
Working together for plan for animal shelter (07/28/12)
Wednesday morning of this week was chocked full of a board working together selecting an animal shelter plan. Everyone seemed excited to be a part of the choosing of a plan that hopefully will not be cost prohibitive but, one that could be efficient and able to add to when the time arises...
Misplaced pup waits for master (07/21/12)
I suppose, it's only natural, that when you read an article with the name of the town where you were born and raised, you just automatically read the article.
A stinky skunk story (07/14/12)
Did ya hear the story about two animal control ladies and the skunk?
The love of one good dog (07/07/12)
A rescue animal is a joy to behold and mine certainly no exception. That is to say she is as fine an animal that I have ever owned.
Rampant cases of animal mistreatment (06/30/12)
One day when you get bored, drive about town and see a life at the end of a chain! Underfed, underloved, covered with fleas and ticks and in some cases mange!
Someone has to speak for the animals (06/23/12)
Having lived these many years and being a witness to hard times most of this life, it seems we are living in troubled times.
June a great time to adopt a cat (06/10/12)
The month of June is a special month -- the excitement of a summer coming on and signs of new growth. It is also special for another reason. It is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!
Horses require proper care (06/02/12)
Is there ever a more beautiful sight than a horse grazing in a pasture or galloping across grassy green acres?
Vets, vet techs offer wisdom (05/19/12)
I recently read an interesting article written by veterinarians and vet techs. I thought it might be neat to share some insider tips and cautionary tales, all of which might save time, trouble and even trauma, as they put it, for everyone in the family.
Remembering a dear friend (05/12/12)
I'm guessing that it would be fair to say most of us were born with the knowledge that there is a time for laughing, loving, worshiping, sorrow and good times.
Exciting time for county (05/05/12)
Hi, everybody! I am back from the "hinges," and I am proud to be back. My heart is now sporting the newest in heart jewelry.
Animal control can be an ugly job (04/07/12)
Such a week, last week, poor Terrie! Can't help but wonder what this world is coming to!
Hope for country shelter (03/31/12)
Such a day! A call from Judge Carney last month set my mind in whirl. I was invited to speak at a luncheon being held this day at the Manila Depot, to all the mayors in Mississippi County, (17 were invited.)
It's hard to say goodbye to pets (03/17/12)
Everyone dreads the day when we have to say goodbye to the ones we love. Whether it be human family or family animal, the sorrow is much the same.
Debunking the myths on spaying and neutering (03/10/12)
True to my promise, I would like to address issues we face with people who do not know how spaying and neutering affects an animal. There are many myths floating about, so hopefully readers will realize there are myths and truths regarding the procedure.
Animal over-population still a problem (03/03/12)
I hope to raise awareness of pet over-population to this city -- to this county by bringing info via this article.
Shirley Connealy
Paws to Ponder
Connealy has been a longtime advocate for animal rights.
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